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If you are planning to come at the "Mercatino" as exhibitor, please read the following Frequently Asked Questions and get in touch with us for further questions.


Are you sure I can find enough space for my stuff?

Sure, there's enough space for everyone. The exhibition area is very big, and we can assure space to every exhibitors.


What time does the exhibiton starts? How do you get a place?

Exhibitors start fixing their stuff at 06.00 in the morning. The place you get inside the exposition area depends on your arrival order. You don't need to be first in the row: there's room for everyone!


How much is it?

Exhibitors contribute to organization costs (area rental, paramedic service, preparation and cleaning, etc...) through a small fee, function of quantity and kind of items on exposition, and space used.


What kind of items can I bring?

Exposed stuff must be second hand/used and strictly involved in Radio and Electronics. You can bring Computer components, if used.

These items are explicitly forbidden: printer consumables, recordable CD/DVDs, cellphones gadgets, etc.

Il materiale esposto deve essere assolutamente usato ed attinente al mondo della radio e dell' elettronica in genere. Si può esporre materiale informatico purchè usato,

Only Radio-related Surplus is accepted: bringing ancient fornitures or nightstands is forbidden.

Exponing unallowed material brings to penalities, which start from removing the items or leaving the exposition area immediately.



May I bring my own tent, tables, etc?

Sure, you can bring anything you need to show your items, like chairs, tables, tents, etc.


How can I let my costumers try before exchanging?

A equipment test desk is avaiable at the Staff Tent, equipped qith antennas and several supply powers.


Do I have to reserve?

No reservation is allowed, and it' not even necessary!


Simple rules and behaviour

Exhibitors are asked to use the trash boxes avaiable along the area. Please don't leave on site unsold items you don't want to bring back home: contact staff instead. Thanks for help.


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