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What is "Mercatino"?

Twice a year, a meeting point for fellows Hams from all over Europe

During 1987, some members of our local Ham Radio Club had a great idea: why don't we set up an unusual hamfest, just for Amateur Radio and managed by Amateur Radio, as an answer to the loss of interest into our field by common market traders?

Year after year, this choice looked great, and today the "Mercatino" reaches popularity and numers really closed to similar european ham radio events.

The "Mercatino" is a flea market event which happends every year the second Saturday of May and the second Saturday of September, in the huge green area of the "Caravan Camping Club" in Marzaglia (near Modena, Italy). From sunrise to sunset, it's a real meeting point for OMs coming from all Europe.

Flea market entrance is free, and gives several servicies to visitors, exhibitors, or campers. During the last 15 years, the "Mercatino" passed through many changes: a growing interest by european ham radio community brought new ideas and improvements, up to the nowadays 5.000mq exibition area partially shadowed by trees (with 300mq covered by tents and provided with tables for exhibitors) and more than 5.000 visitors for each edition.

Equipped with an internal parking lot (around 1500 cars can be hosted) or external, breakfast and fast food service even at night, warm lunch service thanks to a self service with around 100 seats, availability of camping areas (up to 50 lots), toilets and equipment test desk (with antennas and several supply powers: 220, 125, 12 Volts), the "Mercatino" is now an important appointment for amateur radio operators, curious and experts.


The "Mercatino" is managed by ARI Modena, local headquarter of the national Ham Radio Association, thanks to 30 volunteers members of ARI Modena or Caravan Camping Club.

The event is completely no profit, the purpose is to cover the organization costs.

Entrance is therefore free and exhibitors contribute to the event with a modest fee.

Exhibitors, which can come just as privates, can bring any sort of strictly radio-related stuff, like everything which hangs around Ham Radio, electronics, Surplus, Instrumentation, Information Tecnology, technical pubblications, without any limit to the exposition area used.

Since this event is a "flea market", items must be second hand/used.

The staff assumes no responsibility about theft or damage to the material of any nature or cause.

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